He is 12 years old and loves playing video games and reading books
Inquire About Me
Hi, I'm Julius!

Julius is a 12 year old boy. Julius loves to read a variety of books. He states Harry Potter, The Maze Runner series and Minecraft books are some of his favorites. Julius also enjoys playing video games like Call of Duty or computer games like Minecraft. He enjoys being outdoors as well and he likes swimming, playing basketball and football. He enjoys playing with Legos. He is a good student and is proud to say he recently made the A-B honor roll. Julius is very open and honest about his experiences and he has good self-awareness. He continues to work on using coping skills when he gets frustrated but he is good about expressing his emotions.  Julius states that he is open to a forever family made up of a one or 2-parent home. He thrives best on routine and having clearly defined rules. He is just so excited to meet his forever family soon.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English

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