He is 7 years old and likes to play outside.
Inquire About Me
Hi, I'm Joeangel!

Joeangel is a fun, loving and affectionate young boy. He is your typical boy who is full of energy. Running and playing outside is one of his favorite things to do to past time. He is also very resilient and friendly. He will acknowledge everyone in a room when he arrives. Joeangel enjoys playing football, jumping on the trampoline and running around. He is a very outdoorsy kind of boy. He likes playing with animals as well. He also has an interest in electronics and videos games. He likes all superheroes and mine craft. He is very outgoing. Playing with his friends are very important to him. He likes reading and is a very smart young and does well in school. Any family would be lucky to have Joeangel in their home and as their son.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Disability/Behavior: ODD,Adjustment D/O

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