She is 14 years old and enjoys playing soccer and likes to swim.
Inquire About Me
Hi, I'm Jesslynn!

Jesslynn is very active and happy. She is very outgoing; she enjoys making friends and spending time with them. Jesslynn enjoys playing soccer and likes to swim. She enjoys taking care of herself and learning how to apply make-up. Jesslynn likes the social aspects of school and being involved in extracurricular activities. She is an extremely smart girl and loves math. Jesslynn enjoys learning new things that challenge her and allows her to prove how smart she is. She is extremely articulate and able to explain her feelings and desires fully. Jesslynn is fantastic with babies and younger children. She enjoys playing with them and teaching them new things. Jesslynn likes to cook and spend one-on-one quality time with her caregivers.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic

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