She is 11 years old and likes to ride bikes, scooters, going to the park and playing with dogs.
Inquire About Me
Hi, I'm Dekayejah!

Dekayejah is an energetic, loving, and smart youth with many interests! She enjoys being outside playing at parks or playgrounds and going swimming. Dekayejah loves to do arts and crafts or to go shopping and getting her nails done. She enjoys getting her hair styled, playing with her kindle, and catching the latest film releases at her local movie theater or watching movies at home. Some of her favorite dishes are pepperoni or sausage pizza, hamburgers with fries, and chicken nuggets. Dekayejah is a very smart and outspoken youth. Her favorite subjects in school are math, science, and social studies. This precious girl is full of love to share and ready to receive the love of a family who will protect and treasure her!

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Non Hispanic

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