Natalee + Jesus + Miley + Daniel Jr. + Fermina

They are 7, 6, 13, 14 and 16 years old and Love spending time together and socializing
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Hi, We're Natalee + Jesus + Miley + Daniel Jr. + Fermina!

Fermina, is a 5yo girl who is an active child who enjoys doing arts and crafts, watching movies, riding bikes, and playing on the playground with her peers. She is bonded to her sisters and prefers being close to them. While she can be outgoing and loud throughout the day, Fermina can also tend to be quiet and isolate herself.

Daniel Jr. is a 7yo boy who is outgoing and a social child who enjoys playing gaga ball, tag, and playing on the playground. He also likes to play video games, color and play with action figures and Legos. He is happiest when together with his four siblings.

Miley is an intelligent and somewhat introverted 13-year-old young woman. She enjoys listening to music, taking care of the animals on the property, and spending time with her sisters.

Jesus is a 14-year-old young man who reports he is kind, brave, and forgiving. Youth enjoys sports and is playing on the football team and playing video games.

Natalee is a responsible and kind-hearted 16-year-old young woman who enjoys going on outings off campus to places such as the water park, church, trampoline park, and movie theatre. She also likes playing volleyball and softball.

  They are ready for their forever home with a family who is patient and understanding. They will do well in a structured environment that is able to meet all of their needs and can offer a lot of love and support.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic

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