Luis + Christyle + Jordan

They are 11, 9 and 12 years old and we are energetic, inquisitive, and enjoy exploring the environment.
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Hi, We're Luis + Christyle + Jordan!

Christyl is a sweet child who loves to make new friends. She is easy to talk to and already exhibits leadership qualities. Christyl cherishes spending time with her siblings. On occasion, Christyl can take on a more mature role with her brothers and has to be reminded to enjoy being a child. Christyl does well with consistent and positive redirection. In school, Christyl works hard. She enjoys spending time with her brothers and can be helpful to others when someone needs assistance. Christyl also enjoys hanging out, watching movies, swimming, attending trips to the zoo, and completing arts and crafts.

Jordan is a very sweet child who wants to please others. He has an easy-going personality and is also very outgoing. He is inquisitive and regularly asks questions about people and subjects he is interested in learning more about. He is a busy child who is always on the move. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and can be helpful to others. Jordan also enjoys swimming and making new friends at school. Some of his other hobbies and interests include hanging out with his friends, watching movies, spending time at outdoor parks, riding his bike, and listening to music.

Luis is a sweet child who is interested in the world around him. He tends to be soft-spoken but has no problem articulating what he likes and wants. Luis is always exploring his environment and is on the move most of the time. He enjoys spending time with his younger siblings and responds well to consistent, positive redirection. At times, Luis loves to be helpful to others. Luis works hard to meet his goals in school and receives supportive services for assistance in being successful. Some of Luis’s favorite things to do are play with his tablet and go swimming. He also enjoys playing video games, hanging out, watching movies, and being with his siblings.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Black or African American
  • Group ID: 82623

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