Bobbie + Priscilla + Justan

They are 18, 12 and 15 years old and they enjoy lots of different activities from reading and drawing, to playing with Legos and cheering on each other.
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Hi, We're Bobbie + Priscilla + Justan!
Priscilla is an outgoing child who is very charismatic, rambunctious and self-confident. Priscilla loves singing and dancing. Though she enjoys cheerleading, she has no problem getting dirty with a game of baseball. Priscilla loves having two brothers with whom she can stay active. Priscilla is a leader and often takes charge. Her favorite subjects are music and math. She loves going to the library to read. Her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, bean and cheese tacos and pizza. She likes to sing and cook. Her favorite activity is arts and crafts and she is very creative. She has a special interest in decorating clothing, shoes, and accessories. She loves watching the Disney channel.
Justan is a sweet and endearing boy. He is playful with animals, peers, and adults. He has a spunky personality with an extraordinary imagination. His favorite activities are to play with toy cars and build huge empires with Legos. Justan is learning better ways to be cooperative. At times, he may need direction to comply with adult requests and rules. Justan also likes to be read to and is building on his reading skills. He also enjoys math and art class. Justan’s absolute favorite food is hot dogs. He also likes pizza and chicken. Justan likes being active with his siblings, doing such things as running, swimming and riding bikes. Justan challenges himself to keep up with his siblings. If Justan could have one wish it would be for an airplane ride or to have another dog.
Bobbie is a cheerful and friendly boy who enjoys helping out with chores. One of his favorite things to do is to volunteer to help others whenever possible. He can be shy towards those he does not know well. Bobbie can become quarrelsome with those around him. He aspires to be a daycare provider or teacher when he is older as he enjoys taking care of little kids. His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese as well as fruit cups. He is passionate about juggling and magic. He enjoys drawing and making paper origami. He also enjoys cheerleading, fishing, swimming, riding his bike, skating, and camping. His favorite classes in school are science and music. He enjoys playing with electronics especially his DS.

A Little More Information

  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Group ID: 77521

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